Epomir BTS PS2

Epomir BTS PS2

100% solids epoxy coating which works as a primer and top coat. It hardens at cold and hot temperatures with an ammine hardener and after polymerization it presents a hard surface and resistant to shocks and abrasions. The product can be applied by airless on sandblasted substrates at Sa 2½ grade. It is possible to apply thicknesses up to 1.500 microns with one hand of coating without drips. 

The coating, after complete polymerization, presents:

  • Extraordinary resistance to corrosion in sweet or salty water and to burying
  • Extraordinary resistance to corrosion due to atmosphere factors
  • Excellent resistance to shocks and abrasions
  • Excellent mechanic resistance to internal pressure of the tank up to 10 bar
  • Extraordinary adherence
  • Excellent resistance to transverse electric isolation ( UNI 9782)
  • Excellent resistance to cathode disbonding
  • Extraordinary di-electric continuity (DIN 30670 – DIN 30672 – UNI 5256)

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Epomir BTS PS2