Range of products and customized ones


Placed in the key industrial zone of Aprilia (30 km south of Rome) the plant, inaugurated in 1982, cover an area of 6000 m² for production, 1000 m² for laboratories and workshops and 1000 m² for offices. All on a surface of 15000 m².

Produzione vernici Produzione vernici Produzione vernici

Turbomill - One of our patents

Based on the Turbomills we developed and are now sold throughout the world (, our production is fast, and guarantees the quality and constancy of our products. The consolidated management method adopted by our company means we are able to ensure that the production and packaging processes are always completed in time to guarantee agreed delivery dates.

Tinting system

Our cutting edge industrial tinting system plant and solvents storage are our spearheads, and in recent years we can also boast that our products have registered zero defects in all quality control checks carried out.