The company's Strength

In our laboratory we work to continuously improve our products , but with a difference: the INNOVATION.

R&D department

Our company’s greatest strength has always been our R&D department, the heart of the company that is always in search of innovations that will make us stand out in a market brimming over with competing businesses and products.

R&D has allowed us, here at Mirodur, to be the first, ahead even of large multi-national companies, to develop solvent-free products authorized for use in gas pipelines by contractors such as Snam, and Total as well as Gazprom, which gave us access to the Russian market too.  


Laboratorio Sistema tintometrico
That however, is only the cutting edge of a comprehensive range of products that include external coatings for underground tanks, internal coatings for fuel storage tanks, organic and inorganic zinc primers, non-toxic epoxy tar and epoxy coatings suitable for contact with food. Obviously primers and enamels, polyurethanes and 1K or 2K acrylics, epoxies, alkyds and synthetic nitres are the cornerstone of our solvent and water-based products. 


Our Miromix tinting systems make it possible to create more than 4000 different colours featured in major colour charts that all comply with VOC limits in directive 2004/42/EU.