About us

We produce paints and coatings since 1957

Why Mirodur?

In 1957 the brothers Mario, Ugo and Renato Vitelli purchased a Belgian license for the production of mirror paints called Mirodur, an acronym for "miroir durèe" that is "mirror duration".

The company was called "La Mirodur Italiana Srl" and began the production of paints and coatings in a small warehouse on the outskirts of Rome, receiving great approval from users. It was necessary after a few years to enlarge and the new factory was built in Pomezia where the typology of the paints and coatings was also expanded and where it remained until 1982, when a further enlargement was necessary and moved to Aprilia in the current factory of 8000 m² covered on an area of ​​15000 m².

Stabilimento di Pomezia Stabilimento di Roma Headquarter

On this occasion the denomination and the corporate form were transformed into the current "Mirodur SpA".

Today it is directed by Marco and Massimo (sons of Ugo) still with the help of Renato and third-generation youth.

During the years Mirodur has followed the evolution of the market specializing gradually in products for industry, tinting systems, primers and clears for car bodywork, anti-corrosion in particular with epoxy coatings for gas and water pipelines, for the inside of underground tanks containing fuels and various chemical products, in the pipeline rehabilitation sector with the NO-DIG technique (CIPP).

In July 2016, Mirodur acquired know-how from the historic Albesiano Sisa Srl paint factory in Turin, including formulas, customer portfolio, raw materials as well as technical / commercial personnel regarding industrial paints and coatings, thus expanding its pre-existent sales network in Northern Italy.

The Industrial Patents Division since 1989 has patented and sold the Turbomill machine ( to date in 70 countries around the world, revolutionizing traditional milling techniques and making it appreciated by paint and inks manufacturers, even multinationals all.