All about us

We produce paints since 1957


Founded in 1957 by brothers Mario, Ugo and Renato Vitelli, Mirodur is now managed by second generation Marco and Massimo, even with the help of Renato.  The 8,000 m² factory, which stands on a 15,000 m² plot in Aprilia, has been operating since 1982.

Stabilimento di Pomezia Stabilimento di Roma Headquarter

Having started out producing mirror paints under a Belgian license, Mirodur kept up with the evolution of the market and in time, specialized in products for industrial use, anti-corrosion and tinting systems, and recently primers and clears for car refinish. 

Another spearhead  is the Turbomill, the first immersion mill who since 1989 has been successful around the world where it has been sold in about 70 countries, the only born and developed in a paints factory.

Turbomill still meets the needs of manufacturers of paints, inks, cosmetics, agrochemicals and gelcoat resolving important problems of grinding, washing and color change that exist with the use of the other mills. 

Multinational groups in the fields of paints and inks have selected Turbomill as reference mill in their factories around the world, but mostly small / medium companies derive huge benefits from rapid production time, rapid washing and complete color change with the use of little solvent.